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Exterior Wall Painting Ideas for Suburban Homes

Filling the exterior facade of your home may mean taking into account the exterior wall painting and the garden. Being aware of the different options to choose from will help you make a decision about which project will suit your home.


Longmont CO painters suggests you can highlight your home with the use of contrasting outer wall paint. Even using it subtly can make a very dramatic impact depending on the colors used. Limiting the contrasting color to the edges of windows and doors will create a legal effect without requiring a significant amount of effort.


If you have some artistic talent, a large bare wall extension will be calling for an image to be added to it! Consider creating a wall mural with the use of spray paint or stain, this option will allow you to memorize special events or get the help of children in the house so they can contribute the image. Before starting any work on the mural, find out if you need permission to place the image and what neighboring properties it will be seen.


The previous popularity of pebbledash means that it can still be found on various properties. This surface coverage can make a property look dated, but it can be difficult, if not impossible, to remove it. To improve the appearance of a pebbledash surface, it is a good idea to apply exterior wall paint. The sloppy appearance of brown pebbles can be improved with the white paint that is suitable for the pebbles.

Country Cottage

A suburban home can be made to look like a cottage with some clever application of some exterior wall painting. Images of plants and flowers can be applied to a simple base to look like they are growing from the ground. Paint an image of creeping ivy or similar plant so that it twists around the door frame or climbs up the side of the property and under the gutter.


Many properties of the Tudor periods comprised thick vertical stripes upstairs, particularly around the windows. Use black paint on a white background to create a Tudor effect on the exterior facade of your home.

Brick Effect

Using an outer wall paint the same color as the bricks, you can create the effect of a different kind of masonry. The plain outer sheath can be made to look like bricks with the right kind of stain. Applying the base layer will allow you to choose the color of the brick you want to replicate.

Testing the inks first will also allow you to determine which colors you will use together. It will allow you to use any 'grout' color that you think is appropriate. To decrease the amount of work, you can simply wipe the existing surface of the outer wall before applying the lines of 'mortar' in a contrasting color.

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