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Colors For Exteriors And Facades

In choosing the color of the exterior walls of the house we will adopt measures that will help us in the right decision, but always the personal taste is what prevails.


The facade of a house or the exterior is the presentation of your personality and that of your family, it is the first impression of the visitors, and therefore the colors will express the aforementioned. White or light colors give an impression of purity, certain distinction and cleanliness. Warm colors are cozy. The natural colors and lands look more rustic.

Color combination

While we can change the color of walls, doors, windows, others … as the floor and ceiling will not allow the change, so the chosen color would have to combine with the previous ones.

On the other hand, in certain brick or stone fronts, only transparent materials are applied, even with certain shades, but without too much variation of the original color of the masonry. It is necessary to accompany them almost always with other tones in bars, beams or columns, advising to follow a tonal or harmonic scheme.

Zone and restrictions

Your neighborhood or place of residence is a good reference. Keep in mind that certain areas or residential places do not allow certain colors, and there is even a single allowed tone, which will restrict your choices in the choice of color.

Architectural styles

The different architectural styles are accompanied by a range of colors that are typical of fashion or style. Certain colors do not adapt to architecture, disfiguring their forms. Obviously this is at your discretion. The colonial houses preferably use purely white fronts in combination with dark bars, roofs of tiles. In Mediterranean houses yellow tones and the color of the earth are widely used.


And finally, the recommended colors for warm climates are cool and light tones, while for warm areas warm tones are preferred.…